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 Chugach Alaska Corporation Shareholder Descendant Registration

Who is eligible?  Anyone who is a descendant of a voting CAC shareholder. For purposes of this program a descendant is defined as child or grandchild.

How do I apply?  Right here. Fill out the online Descendant Registration form or print it out and send it in with the CIB (Certificate of Indian Blood) and Birth Certificate of each descendant you register.  If original documents are sent they will be returned. ** Please note: You will have to send in a CIB and Birth Certificate for each descendant you register to complete the registration process.


There is no deadline for this online registration.

Fill out a Descendant Registration Application

Or, click here to download or print out a paper copy of the Descendant Registration form. Mail or fax the completed form to:

Chugach Alaska Corporation
Shareholder Services/Descendant Registration
3800 Centerpoint Drive, Suite 1200
Anchorage, Alaska 99503

or Fax: (907) 550-4147


PRIVACY PROMISE: This information is confidential and will only be used for CAC and Chugach Heritage Foundation purposes. It will not be sold, distributed or used for any other purpose. Descendants may review, update or remove their personal information from this descendant database by contactiing Chugach Alaska Corporation (CAC).

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