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Chugach Region Portal


Welcome to the Chugach Regional Portal

The Chugach Regional Portal has been created to provide a forum to share information about the Chugach region, its village communities, and its regional and village corporations.  It is intended to help increase awareness and coordination within our region on topics such as: local and regional events, local and regional planning initiatives, community development, education and employment opportunities, cultural heritage and other topics.  As the portal develops, we plan to maintain a calendar of events, provide news articles from our organizations, create an archive of documents pertaining to planning and economic development, and provide updated organizational information and links to related topics.

Invitation to Join the Chugach Regional Portal

Membership to the Chugach Regional Portal is currently being offered in 3 categories:  CAC Shareholder Membership, CAC Descendant Membership and Chugach Regional Membership.
CAC Shareholder Membership is offered to all original shareholders of Chugach Alaska Corporation and their lineal descendents who are also shareholders. 

CAC Descendant Membership is offered to all lineal descendants of shareholders of Chugach Alaska Corporation that do not currently have shares. (i.e., children and grandchildren of shareholders) You must fill out the online Descendant Registration form or print it out and send it in with the CIB (Certificate of Indian Blood) and Birth Certificate of each descendant you register. 

Chugach Regional Membership is offered to the governing boards and councils, and key management of the Chugach regional and village corporations, and of the village councils of the Chugach region.  Board members and key management of the following corporations are invited to become members: Chugach Alaska Corporation, Chugachmiut, North Pacific Rim Housing Authority, Chugach Regional Resources Commission, Chugach Heritage Foundation, the Chugach Museum and Institute of History and Art, Tatitlek Corporation, Eyak Corporation, Chenega Corporation, Port Graham Corporation and English Bay Corporation. Village council members and key management of the following Tribal Councils are invited to become members: Valdez Native Tribe, Tatitlek Village Council, Native Village of Eyak, Chenega Village Council, Qutekcak Native Tribe, Port Graham Village Council and Nanwalek Village Council.

We hope you will join, support and share information on our Chugach Regional Portal.  Applications for membership may be accessed through the "Membership Request" link above and to the right.

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